Economy Leather Small Mini harness

Economy  Mini Harness
Economy Mini Harness
Item# Economyleatherharness

Product Description

Economy  Mini Harness
Brand new miniature horse size driving harness. Really a cute item! Black leather harness and comes with everything....bridle w/blinkers, reins, backup breaching, crupper and girth! It has a red patent browband and silver conchos. There is no noseband on the bridle. To give you an idea of what size it will fit, here are some of the measurements: Bridle portion: From the bit attachment, up the cheek piece, across the crown and down to the other cheek piece to the bit attachment: Maximum size: 32" Minimum size: 26"

From the point where the brow band attaches to the cheek piece across the brow band to the other cheek piece (the red portion) is 10".

From the circumference across the shoulder pad, down the side, across the girth and back up the other side: Maximum Size: 57" Minimum Size: 46 1/2"

Also comes with a carrying bag.