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Wee Foal Pregnancy 120 day Test Kit
Wee Foal Pregnancy 120 day Test Kit
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Product Description

WeeFoal 120 Urine test for mares

WeeFoal is a rapid, non-invasive test to aid in the determination for the presence of a foal. It is to be use in its specific time frame only.

120 days after breeding - up to day 300

Any use of this test unit outside of this time frame could result inconclusive results. WeeFoal can be used on all breeds of horses, donkey and zebra only during the stated time period. WeeFoal is not a replacement for Veterinary Services.

Test Information

The WeeFoal test unit performs best on a freshly collected urine sample at room temperature. Please use a clean, dry collection device. If you can’t run the test right away, collected urine sample may be stored refrigerated up to 4 hours or frozen for 30 days prior to testing. Use a well lighted area and a flat clean surface. Urine sample and Test packet should only be used when they reach room temperature

The test result will generally be obvious within 5 minutes. Read result no later than 10 minutes after adding urine sample to the cassette.

Two lines is Negative

Two clearly formed visible red lines. A thin red line appearing in the window close to the ‘C’ mark and a slightly broader red line appearing in the window close to the ‘T’ mark. The ‘T’ line may be slightly less intense than the ‘C’ line.

One line is Positive

A single, clearly visible red line appearing in the window close to the ‘C’ mark.

Although the chemistry is very accurate, there are some external things that can create a false positive or a very hard to read test unit. 1. Dirty Collection device. 2. Old urine sample – past 4 hours and not refrigerated. 3. A warm fresh urine sample can give weaker signal. 4. Frozen test unit 5. Flooded test unit 6. Test unit not kept refrigerated till use

Limitations and Warranty The WeeFoal test is designed as a diagnostic aid for determining equine pregnancy status. WeeFoal is not a replacement for Veterinary services. There are no warranties, expressed, implied or otherwise indicated, which extend beyond this description. No liability is accepted for property damage, personal or animal injury, or economic loss caused by this product. Warranty is limited to replacement of a defective/non-functional test within 30 days, with written explanation and return of the defective test to: PO Box 309, Florence, CO 81226