Hoof Care DVD

Hoof Care DVD
Hoof Care DVD
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You will love Denise's personable teaching style. These DVD's are shot in a real time manner so that you can work right along with them.

Let Denise be your personal trainer.

Hoof Care:

Denise Capps has been a Farrier for over 20 years. She is certified with the American Farrier Association and has continued her education throughout the years. Denise goes into great depth on trimming your mini and pony. She details the anatomy of the hoof and explains proper angles and measurements. She shows you how to analyze and measure the hoof. She explains the different Farrier tools and how to use them properly. You can work right along with her as you trim your horses hooves. Denise talks about everything from nutrition to founder. She shows three styles of trimming: broodmare and/or pasture horse, halter horse and driving horse. Denise details how the hoof should look and how you need to manage each style of horse. This is an extremely informative 2 DVD set with over two and a half hours of hoof care information.