12" Double T Synthetic saddle with TEAL camo print seat and accents.Model 15412T
12" Economy style saddle Model 325012
8" Double T Pony/ Youth Saddle Model 1911
Leather mini size silver show halter with diamond overlay
Leather Pleasure Show Harness
Mini leather halter with brass hardware
Miniature Horse Turnout insulated Winter blanket 36-40 inches long
Neck and body Sweats
"Showman" 4" stainless steel pony tom thumb bit with 6" cheeks
"Showman" stainless steel pony bit with fully engraved silver and conchos on 6.75" cheeks. Stainless steel 3.75" medium port mouth piece
10 inch Neck Sweat
10" Fully tooled Double T pony saddle #028610
10" Double T pony saddle with tapedero stirrups Model 11210
10" Double T Youth saddle, Model #263810
10" Double T Cross Saddle
10" Double T pony saddle set Model: 7866
10" Double T pony saddle set with blue crystal rhinestones Model 7865
10" Double T pony saddle set with Pony sized headstall and breast collar
10" Double T pony saddle with engraved silver conchos #7867
10" Double T Pony/ Youth saddle Model 1922
10" Neck Wrap
10' Cotton Rope Stud lead with brass chain
12" Cordura Pony saddle with Cordura skirts and fenders, Model 6137
12" Double T Synthetic saddle with Pink camo print seat and accents Model 15412P
12" Double T Synthetic saddle with camo print seat and accents.Model 15412N
12" Economy western saddle Model 3267
12" Pony saddle with basket weave tooling Model 3253
12" Suede leather youth saddle, Model 6080
12" synthetic pony saddle
20" x 20" Navajo Mini Saddle pad
3 1/2" Chrome Plated Mini Tom Thumb bit
36" nylon hay net
4" Neck wrap
6 inch Throat Sweat
6" Neck Wrap
7" Fully tooled Double T pony saddle #02867
8 foot Leather braided bull whip with wooden handle.
8 inch Neck Sweat
8 qrt flat back bucket
8" Double T Pony Saddle #01358
8" Fully Tooled Double T Pony/ Youth Show Saddle #1905
8" Neck Wrap
About WeeFoal
Back Saddle
Blankets, Sheets and Hoods
Boots and Spurs Welcome Mat
Braiding set with comb
Breakaway Nylon Halters
Breast Collar with Traces
Brush Hoof Pick
Chifney Bit
Chrome plated "Pony" 4.5" grazing bit
Chrome plated 4" twisted broken mouth Pony Bit. 2 1/2" rings
Cowboy Brush
Curb Chain
Curry Comb with Glitter handle
Double T 10" Model 50110
Double T 10" or 12" leather saddle #6208
Driving Headstall Mini
Easy Boot Information Page
Easy Boot Measuring information
Easyboot Mini horse Boots
Easyboot Mini Size
Economy English Headstall and reins
Economy Mini "A" Fly Mask
Economy Silver Show Halter
Egg Butt Snaffle Bit -- 3 1/2" or 4"
English Girth
English Saddle 14"
English Saddle Pad
English Tack
EQUI-LITE Riding Helmet
Exhibitors Clip
Faux white leather zebra print halter -- Pony Size
Fleece Blanket with horses
Fly Protection
Full Cheek Snaffle Bit -- 3 1/2"
Fully tooled Double T pony saddle 12"
Gift items
Grooming and Farrier items
Grooming Tote Bag
Half Cheek Snaffle Bit -- 3 1/2" or 4"
Halter Accessories
Halter Bag
Halter Sizes and Measuring
Harness and accessories
Harness Driving Lines
Heavy 42" cotton rope hay net
Hoof trim kit
Kensington Protective Mask
Kensington Protective Sheet
King Series Mini Headstall With Silver Model 4724
Leather Cross with Concho
Leather halter with silver bars
Leather Overcheck bit
Leather Show Halters and Bridles
Liberty in Miniature
Links Page
Mane and Tail Brush
Martingale - Mini or Pony
Matching Poly Leads
Measuring for Blanket sizes
Medium bristle brush
Mini Boot Size Mini 1
Mini Boot Size Mini 2
Mini Boot Size Mini 3
Mini Hobbles
mini nylon triple E breast collar
Mini size nylon driving harness
Mini size Poco headstall with reins.
Mini size Poco headstall with reins.
Mini Western Leather Headstall and reins
Mini/ Small Pony Nylon headstall and breast collar set
Miniature Air Flow Neoprene Girth
Miniature and Pony Bits
Miniature Bareback Pad
Miniature Horse Aluminum measuring stick
Miniature Horse Books
Miniature Horse Cart
Miniature Horse Turnout insulated Winter blanket 42-46" inches long
Monthly Specials
Mullen Mouth Half Cheek -- 3 1/2"
Neoprene Pony Girth
Nylon halter with nickel plated hardware
Nylon Halters and Stable Products
Nylon Hay Bag
Nylon Surcingle
O ring Snaffle Bit
O-ring snaffle bit with 3 1/2" small twisted wire mouth
Olympian Mini Nylon Shipping Boots
Ozark Mini/Pony Nylon USA Halter 5/8In
Playing Cards, Dice and collectable tin
Poll Muzzle
Pony Bareback saddle
PONY size O-ring bit with 4 1/2" twisted mouth. 1.75" rings
Pony Sized Nylon adjustable nose halter
Pony Sized Poco Headstall
Pony Stainless Steel 4" broken mouth Bit
PONY/YEARLING 48"-54" Waterproof and Breathable Blanket
PONY/YEARLING 56"-62" Waterproof and Breathable Blanket
Premium English Bridle
Premium Leather Halter
Premium Leather Show Halter
Premium Nylon Halters
Red White and Blue Premium Nylon Halter
Right handed hoof knife with wooden handle
Shedding Blade
Showman 6 piece soft grip grooming kit with nylon carrying bag
Showman Insulated Blanket
Showman kid's size 6pc grooming kit.
Showman Mini Western Headstall and Reins
Showman Waterproof Dog Blanket
Showman Zebra Print Nylon Haybag
Size chart
Soft Horse hair finishing Brush
square Muzzle
Stainless Steel Flask Gift Set
Standard Horse Halter Bag
Standing Horse Welcome Mat
Stiff bristle body brush.
Studded Economy Mini Harness
Sweat scrape with handle
Tahoe Barbwire etched Mini Brown Headstall
Tahoe Miniature Horse Barbwire Hand Tooled Breast Collar
The Best of Miniature in Review
The Miniature Horse in Review Volume 1
The Tom Thumb Bit -- 3.75"
Tie on Leather Cross
Tough One Mini Training Caveson
Urine Collection
Wahl iron horse clipper
Wahl Show Pro Horse Clipper
Wahl Stable Pro Clipper
Waterproof Roustabout Blanket by Kensington
Wee Foal Pregnancy 120 day Test Kit
WeeFoal Equine Pregnancy Test Kits
Western Mini or Pony Cinch
Western Saddles and Tack
Wipe Your Hooves Welcome Mat
Wooden Hoof Brush