SMLEC Clinc 4 DVD Set

SMLEC Clinc 4 DVD Set
SMLEC Clinc 4 DVD Set
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Product Description

Getting Ready to Show Your Miniature

The Show Me Little Equine Club in Missouri presented a great one day clinic for beginners and for those of us that just need a yearly tune-up. This 4 DVD set covers the entire day in detail (4 hours and 51 minutes).

DVD 1 Begins with a general discussion on determining what your mini should be used for. Is she a halter horse or performance horse? Mary Sheppard covers conformation and balance. Jim Mapes gives an awesome round pen demonstration. He goes into detail on round pen work and training.

DVD 2 Details pre-show grooming. Cindy Coffman shows you how to clip your mini and gives bathing instructions and tips. Dana Rogers shows you how a horse should be presented in the show ring. She covers proper hoof care, face makeup and grooming.

DVD 3 Starts with De Reul discussing the types of show halters. She goes on to explain show ring etiquette and proper clothing attire in halter classes. Dolores Williams and Dana Rogers then provide you with a great example of a hunter horse and an open jumper. They then show you some basic halter obstacles and provide examples of do's and don'ts in obstacle.

DVD 4 Provides you with basics in driving. An excellent instructional guide on harnessing your horse and hooking it to the cart. They explain the different types of carts used for showing and training. It goes on to explain the three divisions of driving horses now being shown at AMHR shows. Monies from each DVD sold is being donated to the SMLEC club.

This series answers a lot of basic showing and preparing for showing questions.

Length 4 hours and 51 minutes