Small Equine Dentistry

Small Equine Dentistry
Small Equine Dentistry
Item# XSIM-140

Product Description

Roger Cole DVM has been a practicing vet for over 30 years. For the last 11 years he has specialized exclusively in equine dentistry.

Dr. Cole explains about equine dentistry in great detail during this 2 DVD set that is over 2 hours long. Using a horse skull he teaches us the anatomy of the horses head and the mechanics of how they chew and process their food. He explains each set of teeth and why Miniature horses have bumps and when their caps should be removed.

Dr. Cole shows us how to properly float horses teeth and teaches us what to discuss with and expect from our own Equine Dentist on an A size Miniature, a Shetland pony, and a B size Miniature. He pulls a set of wolf teeth on the 3 year old Shetland and gives her bit seats which he discusses in great detail.

This is an extremely informative DVD and whether you are new to horses or have been around them for years you will learn a great deal from Dr. Cole.

2hrs and 11min