Training your Miniature for Driving Classes. 3 disk set

Training your Miniature for Driving Classes. 3 disk set
Training your Miniature for Driving Classes. 3 disk set
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Product Description

This fantastic 3 disc set is a must have for the person wanting to get their horse ready for driving classes. It combines all three driving videos for one low price!!!

Training Your Miniature for Driving Classes, Vol. 1

This video guide will give any Miniature Horse owner the tips and techniques to train a Mini to drive successfully. Understanding what makes a good driving horse will help you find that perfect performance prospect, or pick one out of your own field. Joanne Ross of Scott Creek Farm explains the differences between the driving classes available in Miniature Horse shows, and shares insights into what makes a successful amateur exhibitor. You'll study the parts of the harness and cart and follow a close-up, step-by-step demonstration of harnessing and hitching your horse. Plus free poster.

Training Your Miniature for Driving Classes, Vol. 2

This video guide will start with the premise that you already have a driving prospect, you have studied the various classes, and are able to harness and hitch your horse. Joanne Ross of Scott Creek Farm will show you, step-by-step, how to start a green horse, discuss the importance of "whoa," safety issues, and understanding the nature of the horse, as it relates to training. Once you have your horse started in harness, you'll learn exercises and drills for turning, backing, and building your horse's flexibility, as well as how to handle your reins and whip. The workshop finishes up with some problem-solving, including balking, rearing, and the runaway horse. Plus free poster.

Disk 3 Obstacle Driving

Training techniques for the most common obstacles are shown in detail, with tips and advice from Joanne to help you make the best presentation possible. Obstacles covered in the Driving Obstacle tape include the gate, the cones, an arch and streamers, bridges, wheel pivots, parallel poles, water, and the keyhole. Obstacles covered in the Halter Obstacle tape include jumps, rails, cavaletti, water, bridges, sidepassing, forehand pivot, haunch pivot, and ground-tying. Joanne shares her secrets for teaching your horse to be well-mannered and responsive to your commands. The art of backing your horse is discussed at length.