Training Your Miniature For Obstacle Driving

Training Your Miniature For Obstacle Driving
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These tapes were produced with the amateur owner in mind. "Training Your Miniature for Obstacle Driving" and "Training Your Miniature for Halter Obstacle" take the training process step by step, starting with a review of the three main types of obstacles, what they demonstrate to the judges, and how to build your own course at home. Well-known amateur exhibitor-owner-breeder, Joanne Ross of Scott Creek Farm in Siletz, Oregon, talks about the preparation needed to begin a show training program at home. She discusses mind-set for showing, and the importance of observing classes and reading the rule books. Joanne discusses what to look for when choosing that obstacle horse, whether you are considering a new purchase or you already have your prospect.

Training techniques for the most common obstacles are shown in detail, with tips and advice from Joanne to help you make the best presentation possible. Obstacles covered in the Driving Obstacle tape include the gate, the cones, an arch and streamers, bridges, wheel pivots, parallel poles, water, and the keyhole. Obstacles covered in the Halter Obstacle tape include jumps, rails, cavaletti, water, bridges, sidepassing, forehand pivot, haunch pivot, and ground-tying. Joanne shares her secrets for teaching your horse to be well-mannered and responsive to your commands. The art of backing your horse is discussed at length in both videos.

After successfully training the obstacle horse, the amateur is schooled on drills and exercises that will build the horse's flexibility, perfect turns and backing, and accustom the horse and handler to the obstacles. Included are "Problem-Solving Workshops" that cover things such as balking, rearing, and the stressed horse; these problem/solution demonstrations will be of great benefit to the amateur trainer.

A free poster is included with each tape. This handy two-sided sheet includes samples of obstacle patterns one might encounter, instructions for building obstacles, contact addresses & phone numbers, class requirements and descriptions, and more. The poster will be of great benefit out in the training field, when the videotape must stay in the house.

DVD 40 Minutes