WeeFoal Equine Pregnancy Test Kits

WeeFoal Equine Pregnancy Test Kits
Equine Tests for the presence of a Foal

Non-invasive - Accurate - Affordable

Equine Diagnostics is proud to offer an exciting diagnostic product developed for those involved in the field of equine reproduction.

WeeFoal 120 - Urine tests is an easy to use diagnostic Urine test for diagnosing the pregnancy status of mares starting from 120 days after breeding through to day 300 giving you answers in 5-15 minutes

Equine Diagnostics uses lateral flow technology to analyze a small sample of maternal urine for the presence of metabolites of pregnancy specific steroids secreted by the developing fetal-placental unit, and thereby aid the diagnosis of pregnancy status.

WeeFoal 120 urine tests can be used to diagnose and monitor pregnancy status in ALL BREEDS of horses, donkeys and zebra, where palpation per rectum or internal ultrasound scanning is not an option for the miniature or smaller mares.

The goal of Equine Diagnostics, LLC, is to continue to create "easy to use" diagnostic tests and become a leader in the distribution of Equine Gestation products for the Veterinarian, Breeder and to the Equine trade.